May 19, 2020

BitsBox Subscription Box Unboxing and Review

We review BitsBox, a monthly subscription box which teaches your kids to code their own apps. Save 15% with promo code STEM15 when you order here.

BitsBox was a product that was featured on the TV show Shark Tank. BitsBox teaches coding because coding is about making stuff and making stuff is empowering and important. Coding is the only superpower that anyone can learn especially you. You’d need a computer (or tablet device) with a physical keyboard to use.

Each monthly box teaches you a specific programming skill. In the first set, Animal House, we learned about coordinates.

You get several projects that you can code, which could all fit neatly into the binder that they provided.

When you are ready to code, head to to begin your adventure!

First, you can do a practice app called Food Fight that is on the landing page. This is a three line program to whet your app-etite. First, you fill the background with a color.

Then you drop in an image over the background.

The image would explode when you tap on it.

There is a library in the upper right corner for you to get more stamps, sounds, songs, and more! You can customize your app to whatever you want!

And the best part is that you can share your app with your friends and family on the smart phone.

Simply create a QR code and scan it with your phone to pop the app into it!

You can flex your creativity by creating your own apps! We made one where it not only rains cats and dogs, but also meatballs!

Maybe one day we’ll become master coders and work for Apple, Facebook, or Google!


We had a fun time coding with BitsBox. We will be exploring two more sets in the future. You can subscribe to BitsBox by clicking here.

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