May 8, 2020

Eat2Explore Subscription Box Unboxing and Review

We review Eat2Explore, which lets your kids explore the world – in your kitchen! You will be cooking as a family while learning about new countries and their cuisines. You can order your subscription here.

Eat2Explore is a monthly subscription, so every month they give you a different country to try. We sampled the Spain edition which offered cuisine from the Iberian Peninsula.

This is how Eat2Explore works: First you pick the recipe by choosing a recipe you would like to cook. Then you shop for the ingredients by using the shopping list to buy fresh ingredients for that recipe. Lastly, start cooking by following the steps on the recipe card and have fun cooking!

Inside the box, you get facts about the country. For example you can learn the popular ingredients in Spain: olive oil, garlic, Iberian ham, shellfish, manchego cheese, and chorizo.

The box also includes an activity sheet for kids with questions and trivia.

Each set comes with three recipes for you to enjoy. We will be making chicken paella, garlic shrimp tapas, and Spanish omelette. They even offer vegetarian options for those who don’t eat meat.

Here’s the shopping list for us to go out and buy fresh ingredients.

Each box also comes with a kitchen tool. In our case, we got a garlic mincer.

You will also receive a passport, sticker, and a pin for the country.

Lastly, Eat2Explore gives you food mixes that you will be needing for your dishes.

Each step on the recipe directions has a difficulty rating out of three. If it’s one out of three, then that means that’s easy to do for the younger chefs. Two out of three If it’s two is medium difficulty for older kids. Three out of three then it’s the hardest thing to do, which is for adults.

Here are our ingredients for the chicken paella: chicken thigh, red pepper, onion, green peas, and diced tomatoes.

We got to help out in the kitchen with age appropriate tasks.

Chicken paella
Garlicky shrimp on toast
Spanish omlette

Buen provecho!


We had a fun time cooking as a family with Eat2Explore. The chicken paella was our favorite dish out of the three. We have ordered the starter kit which comes with two boxes (Brazil and France). You can subscribe to Eat2Explore by clicking here.

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