June 2, 2020

Universal Yums Subscription Box Unboxing and Tasting

We review Universal Yums, a monthly subscription box which brings delicious snacks and treats from around the world to your home. Order your yums here.


And today’s Yum’s traveled all the way from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, which refers to the Philippines.

There are 13 different snacks from the Philippines that you can try and rate. So if it was “delicious, excellent, just wow” do a happy face. It was “okay”, you do the okay face. And “I do not need this in my life” is a sad face.

The first snack is the Fudgee Bar Macapuno. It definitely tastes like coconut.

Inside the Yum Bag are some hard candies in the flavors of mango and strawberry.

The next snack is the Boy Bawang Cornick Adobo Flavor, which is basically corn nuts. They were very yummy.

Next is the Goldilocks Pinipig Polvoron, toasted rice shortbread. The texture was good, but it could have a bit more flavor.

Next is the Farmer John BBQ Sausage, spicy barbecue sausage potato chips. It tastes basically like an American BBQ potato chip, but with a slightly different flavor.

Next is ChocoMucho Cookies & Cream. Inside is a bar… chocolate cookie bar with caramel, crisp rice, and white chocolate.

Next is Cupp Keyk Coco Ube. This is basically the shape of an ordinary cup cupcake, but with ube flavor and coconut flakes

Next is the Fudgee Barr Salted Caramel.

Egg Bites is next. This was one of our favorite, which basically are egg cookies.

Next is the Baked Cheezy Puffs, which smell and taste very similar to Cheetos. So if you like Cheetos, you’ll love Cheezy Puffs. Unfortunately, our boys don’t like Cheetos.

Soft Cookies with Mango Bits is next. The cookie texture is really crumbly. It’s not a hard crunchy cookie. And it definitely smells like mango because there are mango bits in it. Very yummy.

And finally is the ChocoMucho. It tastes almost the same as the other ChocoMucho.

We had a yummy time snacking with Universal Yums. You can get your own Yum Box by clicking here.

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