April 27, 2020

WompleBox Subscription Box Unboxing and Review

We review the Womple Box, which educates kids and spark a love of their world through storytelling and engaging, curiosity-inspiring activities. You can order your subscription here.

WompleMail is a monthly subscription for kids that teaches them about the different countries of the world. It’s filled with fun adventure and craft activities.

We got the box on Russia. In it, there is a profile on the country, with many facts such as the population, language, and currency.

You can learn about the national historical figures, people who shaped the history of the country. In this case, we read about Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible.

There is also a map of Russia that shows its expansion over the centuries. Russia now is the country with the largest land mass.

The pamphlet even includes a recipe for varaniki, a Russian dumpling. This particular recipe is a cherry dumpling, which sounded very unique.

You also get a postcard of CoddiWomple.

The subscription box also comes with a keychain of the country, so you can start collecting.

There’s a set of stickers too! This one shows some things Russia is known for.

Hunt For the Egg Thief is a little book that tells an adventure from the subways of St. Petersburg all the way to the Red Square in Moscow to track a stolen famous jeweled egg.

You can also do arts and craft related to the country.

Here, we are making Faberge egg, a jewelled egg created by the House of Fabergé, in St. Petersburg, Imperial Russia. 

Womple Box Review

We really enjoyed making the egg. We highly recommend WompleBox. You feel like you’re traveling in a way because you’re learning about the culture of the country inside the box. You can order your subscription here.

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